ACE Support

Here at ACE Society, we offer various types of support to help you enjoy your time at AMSIB!

ACE offers three types of support:




AMSIB Support Links

Asides from ACE Support, the university also offers confidential and professional support; the links can be seen below.

If you have any other questions, contact us here!

Student counsellors are a free and confidential service provided by AMSIB to help students with personal issues which affect personal life and/or school life.

AMSIB’s two student counsellors are Dinant Leegstra and Anke van der Wilt.

For further information such as contact details and walk-in hours, please see this link!

If you are having any issues which need confidential and professional attention, do not hesitate to contact them!

The International Office can help students and staff members with information, advice and assistance regarding studying, interning, teaching and training abroad.

For contact information, please click this link!

Study Advisors are assigned to you during the school year, they will help you with your study choices and decisions during your time at AMSIB.

You can contact your study advisor with their email address, which will be provided to you during the first week of the academic year.

The study advisors can also be found on third floor of the AMSIB building.