Are you our new board or committee member? We’re looking for talented and ambitious AMSIB students!


ACE Society‘s team consists of a board who ensures ACE is running properly, and a commission who organizes our events, manages our socials and engages with our members.

Every week we have a general meeting where we discuss our events, socials, podcast, finances, team, tasks and goals & our relation regarding AMSIB stakeholders.



Our board manages our committees. Each committee is supervised by one board member.

For example;

Our Head of Finance helps our Event committee with the budgeting.

Our Head of Communication helps the Social media committee with IT and and software. Our Vice President helps the Podcast committee with getting equipment and guests.



Is responsible for all team members and the state of ACE. Therefore, is the first contact person for external stakeholders within AMSIB.

Vice President

Is a general board member who works closely with all board members, especially with the President. Will take over the presidents role when absent.

Head of Finance

Is responsible for the budgeting, financial statements and pitches regarding funding. Works close with the event committee due to budgets.

Head of Communication

Is responsible for the Social media committee. Makes sure that all information gets on all platforms on time, correctly. Handles e-mails and all IT related work.


Event committee

It is your task to organize both social, educational and cultural events for our member events. However, ACE also support AMSIB with events, We have budgets for events, so we expect at least 1 event every 2 weeks.

Social media committee

It is your task to manage our socials, by planning posts, designing and content, photograph, film, and be interactive on socials as well. We focus on on our website, Instagram, LinkedIn, offline branding around campus and Ketchup!

Podcast committee

It is your task to write and talk about subjects around AMSIB and the student life around it. We have a podcast studiowhere you can invite guests and record podcasts. You edit the podcasts, which will be part of ACE Talks on Spotify.


Do you think you got what it takes, and are willing to take ACE Society to the next level? We’d love to invite you for an interview. Mail or Whatsapp +31 6 40 25 57 30 with a short description about you.