Eric Henriquez
Eric HenriquezPresident
Hi there, my name is Eric Henriquez and I’m the president of ACE Society. My goal is to make ACE Society into a student society that anyone can feel comfortable in and always feel welcomed. As long as ACE Society exists I would like all student of the International Business course to know that there will always be fellow students there for them. My hobbies include gaming, movies, design and well just getting to know new people.
Janna Philip
Janna PhilipMarketing and Social Media
My name is Janna Philip and I am 23 years old; I am currently studying international Business at the Amsterdam university of Applied Science. I am a very social and responsible person. I have joined the ACE Society Board and taken on the role of being the Secretary and the Head of Marketing for our social media platforms. I enjoy challenges and taking on responsibilities. I am filled with leadership characteristics and I believe that anything is always possible once you put your mind to it.
Nathan Troost
Nathan TroostArt and Design
Heyo! I am Nathan Troost, a devoted international business student and ex-mad-scientist. Known to be a flexible and more-over a creative person. I love finding new solutions to bring people together. At ACE society I fulfill the role of treasurer and take the lead in Art & design. Strong believer of the fact that limitations are predominantly mental. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small Stones”
Philippos Chrysostomou
Philippos ChrysostomouCommunications
“I’m a Cypriot with a Viking decent. Do not hesitate to approach me, I’ll always greet you with a smile. I love playing music. I am a vocalist, guitarist and bassist. Classic rock is my game.”