About us

We welcome you to our community, which is driven on social, cultural and educational events. We focus on personal growth, happiness and inclusivity.

AMSIB's student society

ACE Society is in close contact with AMSIB, which results in activities that fit very well with the curriculum. Our events are all based on socializing & culture, but also around business and education.


Although COVID-19 makes it very hard for us to organize events, we organize several “Get Together’s” at campus, visit museums in and around Amsterdam, host network events, do online quizes, boat trips etc. 

Honours course

Since 2021, it is possible to do an honours course at ACE Society. This means that if you work in our board, or in one of our teams, you will receive extra credits after completing the course. Interested? Don’t hesitate to ask us about it! The current board and team can be found below.


To add more more value to your student time & professional experience, we work together with partners. Our partners are businesses who give ACE members discounts, offer internships and co-host events with us. 

We also like to work together with our members, so if you have an idea, please reach out!

Our Board

Sergio Sjak-Shie

Eric Henriquez

Sara Szabo
General Board Member

Omar Kasmy

Dhruvika Patel
Student Engagement

Our Team

Event Management Team

Anda-yé Llewellyn

Chaima Ouzzine

Serdar Demir

Sude Bircan


Social Media Team

Amir Kila

Hilda Civilidag

Michelle Frazer

Sophia Azad

Taran Kaur 


Podcast Team

Andreea Pirpiliu

Candice Mari

Tabea Tillmanns

Valéria de Stigter