Do you already have an anonymous OV-chipkaart (blue colored) already?

Did you also know that you can apply for personal one with your picture and name written on?

Here’s the step-by-step guide of applying for your personal OV-chipkaart.

*Note that this procedure requires Dutch internet banking (iDeal).

1. Go to “”. Click the “English” on the upper right to switch the website’s language into English.

2. Click “Menu” on upper left.

3. Click “Purchase an OV-chipkaart”.

4. Click “Apply for personal OV-chipkaart”.

5. Click “Apply for personal OV-chipkaart” and fill out the form. You’ll have to fill out your name, date of birth and your address (in order to have it delivered to your place). Once you’re done, you need to pay €7.50 for the card with iDEAL

Good luck!